Eagle Bluff FAQ's


What is Eagle Bluff?

Every spring the 4th grade takes an overnight field trip to Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning center in Lanesboro, Minnesota. There is a link to the Eagle Bluff Website located on the links page. (www.eagle-bluff.org) This website has lots of great information and pictures!


When do we go to Eagle Bluff?

Each year the trip is planned in the spring. (Mon-Wed).  More details to follow.

How much does it cost?

The entire trip costs approximately $116 per person, however money received 
from the Education Foundation and various other donors reduces the price for
each student.The exact cost is usually announced after the first of the yea

Can my parents chaperone Eagle Bluff?

We receive a huge number of requests from parents to chaperone Eagle Bluff.
Therefore, we choose chaperones lottery style. We usually take 2 moms and 2 dads
from each classroom with us.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will receive a list that tells you what to bring and what not to bring to Eagle Bluff.

Can I pick my dorm room- mates?

Yes and no. When it gets closer to Spring, each teacher will ask the students 
to give her a list of some friends he or she would like to be with in the dorm room.
The teachers then make sure that everyone gets at least one friend in their dorm room.

How many students will be in each dorm room?

There are 4 bunk beds in each dorm, so 8 people can sleep in each dorm. There will be at least one adult chaperone in each room, so up to seven students from your class will be in your room.