School Patrol

Morning patrols report at 7:40 am
Afternoon patrols report at 2:40 pm

 *Morning patrols should arrive at 7:40 wearing appropriate clothing for the weather. If the weather is below zero, the patrols will wait in school until they need to go out to help individuals cross the road and then come back in to warm up until they need to do their job again. Failure to do so will result in a demerit.
*Afternoon patrols report at 2:40 to the main post and will be given time to catch their bus home. *
Schedules will be sent home the Thurs. or Friday prior to their week of patrol duty.
*Demerits are given to patrol members for inappropriate school behavior. After 3 demerits, a student will be removed from Patrol and lose his or her patrol card. School suspension of any kind is automatic removal from School Patrol.
SUPERVISOR: Mrs. Peterson
[email protected]