Office Discipline Referrals

A digital copy (Google form) of the Office Discipline Referral 
can be found as a link on a document in the T drive.
(T drive>online elementary school discipline referral)
You can also find the form in your Google drive.

Triplicates can be found in the office.  


1. What is meant by “location?”

  • The area of the building the offense took place.

2. Who fills out the ODR when there is a major offense?

  • The teacher may choose to fill out the form and send it with the student, or the offense can be communicated to the principal and he/she will touch base with the teacher later.

4. Why are there 3 forms for the ODRs?

  • Office

  • Teacher

  • Parent

5. Are parents expected to sign and return the ODRs?

  • Yes.

6. What happens if students do not return an ODR?

  • Teacher determined additional consequence

7. Who do students return  the signed ODR to when they return it back to school?

  • ODRS always get returned to the classroom teacher. The teacher will then give the form to the office.

8. What is meant by “administrative decision?”

  • Whoever completes the ODR.

9. What is meant by “motivation?”

  • If you know the motivation to the offense, otherwise leave it “unknown.”

10. Do ODRs correlate with the clip chart?

  • At teacher discretion

  • Major offenses result in automatic clip down to red.