REAL Deal 9-20-21

REAL Deal 9-20-21
Posted on 09/22/2021
REAL Deal 9-20-21This week's REAL Deal winners are Kenna, Cameron, Aries, Ike, Sophia, Kayla and Marissa.  

Kenna received the REAL Deal for putting books away in the classroom, Cameron for working hard on classwork, Aries for working quietly during math, Ike for being a super helper, Sophia for rocking it on her work, Kayla for getting ready quietly and Marissa for delivering breakfasts to all the classes each morning.

Mrs. Samantha Niemann's 5th grade class received the REAL Deal for sitting quietly when they needed to.  The No Lion award for a clean classroom went to Mrs. Laura Albers's 2nd grade class and Ms. Ashley Shaw's 3rd grade class.

Congratulations to everyone for keeping it REAL in our school!