REAL Deal 9-13-21

REAL Deal 9-13-21
Posted on 09/22/2021
REAL Deal 9-13-21Our REAL Deal winners this week are Jaxson, Beatrix, Izayah, Caroline, Lola and Kinzley.  

Jaxson received the REAL Deal for being helpful to a friend, Beatrix for remembering six, criss-cross on the rug (quietly), Izayah for doing a great job as leader in Phy. Ed., Caroline for helping the teacher get organized, Lola for being super nice and following the rules and Kinzley for holding the door for people during a fire drill.

The No Lion award for a clean classroom went to Mrs. Marissa Flavin's 1st grade class and to Mrs. Deb Kadrlik's 3rd grade class.

Thank you everyone for keeping it REAL in our school!